Never try what?

Welcome to the official site of Never Try to Drink a Chinese Woman Under the Table, recognized by Foreward Reviews as one of the year’s best business books.

As anyone who has done business deals with Asians can tell you, trying to drink a woman under the table is one of MANY ways you can blow it.  You can also get grey hair waiting for your menu to come at a banquet in a Chinese restaurant’s private room (because it never will).  And do you really have to eat the ox tongue and tripe with roasted chili-garlic black beans?  And why can’t you get a glass of cold water?

Never Try to Drink a Chinese Woman Under the Table has a lofty goal:  through cultural understanding, we can make the world a more civil (and fun) place.


Oh, and we also talk about China’s Sexual Revolution:

And, here’s a little something on travel to China:


Now that we have your attention, and hopefully made you smile, here’s the link if you want to read the whole thing:



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